Five Questions to Ask Your Potential Remodeling Contractor


Homeowners hire contractors for different home improvement projects. Regardless of the type of home improvement project you hire a contractor for, there are certain expectations that you need to be met. You need a construction company that is both reliable and trustworthy. The professionals you hire should understand their credentials and the scope of work they will be performing. To avoid making a mistake when hiring a remodeling contractor, here are some important questions to ask them.

Do you have a contracting license?

Contractors get licensed after obtaining certain requirements that relate to certifications, experience, and training. This means that when you get a licensed contractor, you are certain of their qualification for the job. Ask for a copy of the license or license number and verify the validity of the license.

Can I see your insurance certificate?

Asking if the contractor is insured and seeing how the contractor is insured are two different things. Reliable contractors should have both the liability insurance and workman compensation for the job they do. Checking out the certificate yourself will give you the certainty that the contractor is insured in the field you want to hire them.

How will you communicate with me?

This is a very important question you shouldn’t ignore. The communication between the contractor and the client is essential for the success of the remodeling project. Will need to get in touch to raise concerns about the projected as the contractor also gives you updates on the progress of the project. Inquire if the contractor has a specific form of communication and the timeframe for your communication.

How much will this project cost?

Your contractor should give you the estimate for the project in writing. The estimate should be detailed enough to show the breakdown of the expenses involved. Don’t choose a contractor basing on the quoted estimate. The contractor with the lowest estimate may be using the cheap materials and doing a shoddy work as well. Compare estimates from three to five contractors before you can choose one which is not too high or too low.

Do you offer warranty for your services and materials?

Most professional contractors offer a warranty on their work. It is important to ask for clarity ahead of time to know what the warranty cover and the duration which it will be in effect. It is also preferable to have materials with the manufacturer’s warranty being used.