How To Weatherize Your Windows

Winter is quickly approaching and many of us are already kicking on our heaters, or at least contemplating doing it. But the horrendous heating bills from last year are already haunting us and making us nervous as to what to expect this year. Although our heating bills are subject to the weather and what mother nature is going to throw at us, there are some things that are in our control. Insulating your home is one of those things. Insulation does a great job of keeping cool air out and keeping warm air in. If your house is old, chances are you could benefit from adding insulation to your home or at least closing off cracks and crevices. If your home does not currently have insulation in the walls then you would benefit greatly from insulating your walls. However if you do not need insulation in your walls or simply can’t afford to do something like that – try this.

Weatherize Your Windows!

Weatherizing your windows is the process of putting a film over the window frame to make sure hot air does not leave and cold air does not come in. Older homes often let a lot of cold air into the house simple because of outdated designs that are not as tightly sealed as modern energy saver windows. By covering the entire window frame with a film you are trapping any cold air that might come in through the window between the film and the window, keeping it from coming into the house.

These films are not entirely full proof and will stop all cold air from coming into your from your windows, but it will greatly mitigate how much cold air comes in. In the video provided below you will even see that some people will put bubble wrap in between the window and the film as another barrier of insulation. Although that’s a nifty trick, it renders your window useless for the entire winter. But if it’s a window that is never used, then you might want to opt to add that extra barrier of protection.

All products shown in the video can be found at your local hardware store (Home Depot/ Lowes) and the installation instruction are detailed step by step in the video.

Happy Weatherizing!