Roll Up Garage Door’s

What is one of the first things you notice about a home? The outside exterior, paint color, the garage door? Garage doors are a huge feature when it comes to the exterior appearance of our homes. At the same time the type of garage door we have offers a convenient way to enter and exit our homes as well as store personal belongings, our automobiles etc. Most of us probably have the conventional type of garage door that is maintained by a garage door opening system. However, what about the commercial style roll up door? Believe it or not roll up garage doors are an awesome, easy on the eye and convenient alternative when it comes to installing a new garage door. They often outrank a typical slide up door in durability, maintenance and ease of use.
Recently my neighbor decided to replace is slide up garage door when the opener exhausted and he was in need of a new one. In doing so he also told me he wanted to upgrade the look of his home while he was at it. He decided to install a commercial style roll up door! He told me he had researched the difference in door styles and had spoke with garage door specialists at Parker Garage Doors & MoreParker Garage Doors had a remarkable selection and experts to install the new door. Bill, my neighbor, just had his new garage door installed last week and it looks incredible. The value on his home has gone up as well after having it appraised! My wife now after seeing the neighbors roll up door has enlisted me to start some home improvements. She also wants to look into getting a roll up door as well. She likes the fact it’s easier to maintain thus requiring less money for repairs.
After looking into these roll up style doors I have found that there are more options to chose from then I was expecting! For example there are two main types of roll up doors. The first is a Section Roll Up which basically consists of at least 4 panels. The panels roll and and fold into each other. The second type is a Rolling Steel Door. This is a single panelled door that rolls up all together. It is made from aluminum,fiberglass,or steel. Section panel doors can be made from the same materials also including wood! Fiberglass doors are said to be the most fragile, while wood needs to be refinished every year to maintain durability. Steel is the best material because of it’s weather durability and easy cleaning .
Then there are the colors, and there are many colors to choose from! All in all I have to say that commercial style roll up garage doors are a competitive choice to traditional style garage doors. I think that in the near future we will start to see more and more homes with the roll up doors!